Submit a Film

We are always accepting submissions for our tour. If you are interested in submitting please feel free to give us a shout!


Selected filmmakers may be entitled to the following:

    • Film Teaser promotion on GiddyUP! Film Tour web site
    • Company logo or film maker photo displayed on GiddyUP! Film Tour web site
    • Film tour film submission description to be displayed on GiddyUP! Film Tour web site
    • Film Company or film maker bio to be displayed on GiddyUP! Film Tour web site
    • Film company or film maker website to be displayed on GiddyUP! Film Tour web site
    • Film maker and film description to be mentioned in PR materials
    • Film maker and film description to be used whenever possible on all magazine and newspaper articles

Multiple entries will be accepted.
Entries received must include a completed Entry Form.


Submissions can be any length up to a 20-minute maximum, make them as long as they are good – most films are around 8 to 15 minutes. Make your elementary school writing teacher proud… each film must have a beginning, middle and end. A good story will keep the audience engaged, endless shots of cool tricks with no story can wear thin quickly.
Film submissions must be cycling related.
Final Submissions must include the following:

  1. Fully edited film tour submission up to 20 minutes long
  2. 20 second maximum end credits for film credits and sponsor mentions (Sponsor mentions must be at end of film in end credits only)
  3. Teaser Trailer up to 5 minutes long to be uploaded on Vimeo – They must be approximately 2 minutes long
  4. Film Maker photo or film company logo*
  5. Photo stills from film (3 minimum)*
  6. 200+ word description of film**
  7. 200+ word film maker or company biography**

*(All Photos and stills must be submitted on DVD or email in print quality resolution & format, 300 DPI in JPG TIF or EPS)
**(Film description and filmmaker or company biography must be submitted as a typed word document .doc)


  • Uncompressed file delivered on Hard Drive / Flash Drive
  • HD quality – PRORESS 422 (or other HD Codec)

Unauthorized copyright material including music, images or film will be not allowed. If you have copyright material in your film you must be able to provide legal documentation of your permission of its use. Films with copyright material that do not provide this documentation will be disqualified. Each Film entered must be mountain biking or cycling related. Please preview your entries before shipping. Programs with time code or other defects will be disqualified.
No “Self Help”, “Instructional”, “How To”, “Destination Promotion” films will be accepted.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing your work.